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Wildflower Studios

 Construction Start Date  December 2020

 Construction Completion Date  Q3 2024

 Client  Wildflower LTD & Meadow Partners

 Architect  Bjarke Ingles Group

 Square Feet  775,000

 Stories  7 (plus 2 mezzanines)

Screenshot 2023-01-16 162437.jpg

Wildflower Studios

Wildflower Studios is a 775,000 square foot commercial film studio situated in the Ditmars Steinway neighborhood of New York City. It is located on an industrial five acre lot bound by the Steinway Creek and Steinway Piano manufacturing warehouse. The limited area of the site combined with generous height limitations inspired the idea to create a vertical film studio with two levels of sound stages a first of its kind. The building exterior is comprised of a two toned architectural precast façade. The project includes a waterfront improvements and a waterfront public access area.

The building program is organized around eleven basic studio modules. Each module consists of the large span stage (each 18,000 square feet, with the dimensions of 150 feet long x 120 feet wide x 60 feet high), vertical transportation, and production support spaces such as scene shops and dressing rooms. In addition, one entire floor provides office space for the production teams. The entire building is lifted out of the flood plain enabling the opportunity to bring parking and loading beneath the studio.

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