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Safety &

Safety & Health

Our number one priority is maintaining a zero injury workplace. Through our rigorous safety programs and protocols, we surpass industry standards to ensure the protection of all staff, subcontractors, members of the community, and property. While we designate a specific safety manager to each site, we also hold every member of the team accountable for delivering a project that is safe for all.   



MEPS Coordination 

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler / fire protection (MEPS) systems dictate a building's operational efficiency. They have to work harmoniously, which means careful coordination and oversight from an experienced construction manager. Our team's intimate knowledge of these systems eliminates clashes, ensures all spatial issues are addressed, and prevents delays.


Quality Control & Quality Assurance 

We prioritize quality-driven construction services and work to develop tailored Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs for each project. By continuously monitoring all aspects of these programs, we ensure work is being performed to our exacting standards, maintaining schedule and budget while minimizing punch list items at the end of the project. 

Quality Control &
Quality Assurance

Field Supervision 

Our onsite field managers coordinate, sequence, and oversee the day-to-day operation at their jobsite and are always planning ahead while remaining fully connected to our main office, ensuring a two-way transfer of relevant information. By establishing open and clear channels of communication from day one, our field staff gain the trust and confidence of not just our clients, but every subcontractor, supplier, consultant, and partner on the job.


Risk Management 

We deploy a proactive approach to mitigating risk that begins in the early stages of project planning and development, commencing with subcontractor prequalification and financial diligence. We understand there's no one-size-fits-all approach to risk management, but we pull upon our immense resources to implement every control measure available to us. This includes robust insurance programs, including SDI and CCIP.


Technical Services 

During our comprehensive pre-construction activities, we engage our in-house teams to provide essential services during a project's crucial early planning and design phases. This includes estimating, scheduling, value engineering, design management, constructability review, logistics, and new technologies. As the project advances, we continue to refine budgets to changes, providing a baseline for subsequent monitoring and cost control efforts.

The Carlyle Group 
“250 West 81st is one of the few projects to have a buyer punch and  buyer verification before the closing date. LBG met our aspirational goal.”  
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