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Grayson Hotel

 Construction Start Date  August 2018

 Construction Completion Date  Q2 2022

 Client  Fortuna Realty Group

 Architect   Nobutaka Ashihara

 Square Feet  134,000

 Stories  29

 Rooms  299

30 west.jpg

Grayson Hotel (30 West 39th Street)

In addition to the 299 guestrooms, this new hotel
property includes a restaurant, bar/lounge, and
both outdoor and rooftop bars. The outdoor bar
design includes an extensive hanging garden
theme. The building façade is comprised of a
glass hybrid wall system on the north elevation,
punch windows on the south elevation, and an
exterior insulation and finish system on the east
and west elevations.

A narrow portion of the site, which is a ground-floor terrace area, extends to the frontage on 38th Street. Adjacent
properties bound the building to the East, West, and Southwest.

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