Pre-Construction Services/ Consulting

Pre-Construction Services


Prepare a complete detailed estimate of the Design Documents through the various phases (Schematic, DD, and CD). During this process we anticipate for what is not shown on the drawings which would be required for a complete job.


Understand the Project and create the sequence of work and duration of time required to perform.

Buildability Analysis

Review of design and planning to offer potential alternatives and be as efficient as possible.

Value Engineering

Analyze the design to ensure that it meets the client’s cost and schedule requirements for the project. Suggest alternative design, materials, systems to reduce cost and time.

Design Management

Work with the Design team to prioritize and establish bid packages for long lead trades. LBG can coordinate, administer and monitor the design phase; assess proposed design solutions; advise on construction feasibility, material/labor availability, construction scheduling and sequencing; as well as cost implication.

Construction Services/ Consulting

Construction Services

Owner's Representation

As an Owner Representative, LBG will assist the client in performing its role as Owner. Accordingly, LBG within certain limits, advises our clients on all aspects of the project, including the day-to-day activities and responsibilities involved during the various phases of the acquisition, planning, site preparation, design, budgeting, scheduling, and construction of the project.

Contract/Procurement Strategy

Deciding what to contract out, to whom, when and under what conditions. LBG develops contracting and purchasing strategies for the work considering the following:

Client's preferred contracting method

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Workload of local contractors in the general marketplace
  3. Long-lead delivery of equipment/materials
  4. Production sequence of biddable design
  5. Site access constraints, local agency and utility requirements, and permitting needs
  6. Turn-over sequence best corresponding with user/tenant requirements
Change Control and Document Management

Assessing the impact on design, and construction of any proposed change; LBG cost control system allows time to make adjustments to the design/construction program to enable the project to be completed within its financial constraints. It permits timely, accurate administration of project budgets including commitments, expenditures, billings and anticipated costs.

The cost control reporting system is a statement of the current financial condition of the project including all known related costs to date, and all anticipated costs that will be required through completion.


Review and update the project schedule accordingly while staying within the allocated time frame.

Logistics Support/Transport/Expediting

Organize the movement of people, materials, and equipment to maximize productivity and reduce the time during which capital is tied up.

Document Control

LBG document control systems and staff will maintain all the current design documents, and shop drawings, keep historic sets, and record of changes, and distribute information for the project.

Quality Control

LBG's project management, and field staff ensures that the contractors perform the work with the quality that is expected and minimizes the punch list at the end of the project.

Site Conditions/Safety

Maintain site work conditions, and monitor site safety, and security.

Turn-Over & Close Out


  1. Monitor and coordinate all required inspections
  2. Commissioning – Perform all start-up and demonstration of mechanical equipment
  3. Establish turnover procedures and schedule with the Owner to work with their requirements
  4. Prepare all close-out documents and settle change orders with Subcontractors/vendors
  5. Turnover to the Owner all as-built drawings, Warranties, Operation Manuals


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